CCTV Cameras & Installation

Commercial and residential installations across Hull and East Yorkshire

CCTV Camera Systems

  • Supply and installation of the latest HD & IP systems
  • Specialist systems such as ANPR, Covert or integrated solutions
  • Infra-red, motion detection and audio warning options available
  • Retail, commercial & domestic systems
  • All of our monitored systems are connected to our NSI Gold accredited CCTV monitoring station partner
  • Mobile & PC connection available to view systems anywhere in the world

Specialists in CCTV remote monitored systems

A monitored CCTV system works in a similar fashion to a traditional intruder alarm, with the added advantages of being able to provide a monitoring station images of the cause of activation.

Our NSI Gold accredited CCTV monitoring partner can then use the images to make an assessment on the next course of action e.g call the police, alert key-holders, issue an audio challenge.

Having a monitored CCTV system is similar to having a security officer on location at your premises for the night, except it can cover multiple areas at once, detect an intrusion quicker, won’t drink all your tea and is a fraction of the cost!


We install the latest HD/IP camera technology

Forget the old 1 frame per second, Peter Crouch doing his robot dance, CCTV recordings of yesterday…we’re talking HD, Mega Pixels and 25+ frames per second now. Watching your CCTV recordings back is just like watch TV now, except more entertaining. Better images equals better identification which equals greater deterrent!   Talk to us today about your system upgrade.

Access your system anytime, anywhere

Remote CCTV software/apps allows remote access to your premises CCTV system, wherever you are in the world. Check the workers are in on time for the early shift, check the progress on a far away construction site, or simply make sure there are no unofficial house parties back home whilst you paddle in the Mediterranean…


  • Annual inspection of your system to ensure working to its full potential
  • Software upgrades and walk tests
  • Camera adjustment and lens cleaning/refocusing
  • Voltage testing & fault checking
  • Ensuring legislation compliance

Protecting your assets and property with the latest technology


  • Remote monitoring by NSI Gold accredited station
  • Out of hours incident management
  • Key-holder & police response
  • Additional service such as remote gate operation or lone worker compliance

We're there when you aren't...just in case these fellas are as well!